energy assistance

Part I: How This Process Works

  1. Assistance for only AVISTA Heated households is now available for appointments from July 1st until August 30th, 2018. Heating assistance for all other households will be available again next October 2018.
  2. Energy (heating) assistance is not an emergency program. This web site is not for Project Share (emergency appointments). Phone (509)456-7627 to inquiry about emergency Share appointments.
  3. Household's MUST reside in Spokane County, WA. and be Avista heated households.
    a. Not sure whether you live in Spokane County? Check on the SNAP Offices link on the menu bar.
    b. If you live outside Spokane County and need energy assistance click on the LIHEAP link on the menu bar.
    c. Household's cannot have received LIHEAP energy (heating) assistance since October 1st, 2017.
  4. Your average monthly household income must be under the income guidelines. For income guidelines check the Income Chart link on the menu bar.
  5. If you have additional questions about the availability of Energy Assistance appointments call SNAP at (509)456-7627, between 8:00am and 4:30pm (closed from noon to 1:00pm) M, T, W, F or between 10:30am and 4:30pm on Thursday's.

Part II: Getting an appointment

  1. You will need to fill in: total number of people in the household, the last 4 numbers of your Social Security Number, your name, address, phone number, birthdate and all household income for pay dates in the three calendar months before your appointment month. You will want to have all required information available before continuing, as the 15-minute clock will start when you click on the Start button.
  2. Fields marked with a red dot require information. Information is optional in all other fields. Click Continue when complete.
  3. When you complete the appointment request and it is determined that you MAY qualify you will be prompted to select an office location, date and a time period from the online calendar.
  4. Phone Intake appointments require a working phone number and that a household member be available at the appointment time chosen to answer the phone. Phone intake appointments will require mailing of forms. The application process is Not completed until all forms are returned by mail to the appropriate office.
  5. In-office appointments can be changed to phone appointments. To do so call (509)456-7627 (the day after you make your appointment on the web) or CONTACT US via our web form right now and ask that your Energy Appointment be changed to a phone appointment. You must provide a working phone number. This change Must be made prior to your scheduled office appointment.

Questions or Problems

  1. For questions that have not been answered, check the FAQ link on the menu bar.
Have you received assistance since 10/1 of this year?
We're sorry but Energy Assistance in only eligible once per heating season.

= Required Field

you must include ALL people in the home, this must include everyone in the same residence
Your Appointment Confirmation notice will be automatically sent to this address.

Type of Income May April March
Earned income  (gross) $ $ $
TANF $ $ $
GAU/GAX $ $ $
SSA $ $ $
SSI $ $ $
SSD $ $ $
Unemployment  (not taxed at the time received) $ $ $
Unemployment  (taxed at the time received) $ $ $
Child support  (received) $ $ $
Child support  (paid out) $ $ $
Pensions/retirement  (not taxed at the time rec'd) $ $ $
Pensions/retirement  (taxed at the time rec'd) $ $ $
Military $ $ $
Self-employed $ $ $
Other $ $ $

Click in the box to bring up calendar - clickable dates have appointments available
If you need to change your appointment, You can do so by clicking on the Office, Appointment Date, or Appointment Time fields above.