energy assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use the online calendar to make an appointment for any other SNAP assistance program?

    No, you must call your local SNAP office at (509) 456-SNAP (7627) to make appointments for ALL other SNAP services. You may only make an Energy Assistance (EAP) appointment at this site.
  2. What if I have energy questions that are not answered on this web site?

    Call (509) 456-SNAP (7627).
  3. What do I do if I prefer an appointment over the phone appointment?

    In-office appointments can be changed to phone appointments. To do so call (509)456-7627 (the day after you make your appointment on the web) or CONTACT US via our web form right now and ask that your Energy Appointment be changed to a phone appointment. You must provide a working phone number. This change Must be made prior to your scheduled office appointment.
  4. How often can I get (EAP) energy assistance?

    Once per heating season (October 1st of current year to June 30th of following year, if funding is available). Other emergency services may be available, call (509) 456-SNAP (7627) for additional information.
  5. How is a heating season defined?

    A heating season usually runs from October of one calendar year through June of the following calendar year depending on when the funding becomes available and how quickly it is spent out.
  6. Do I have to have a heating emergency?

    No, not for the Energy Assistance progarm.
  7. Are subsidized households eligible?

    Yes, for the Energy Assistance program.
    For the Emergency Assistance program (Project Share), a subsidized household may receive up to half the benefit.
  8. Can I receive assistance with my gas/propane/oil heat and with my electric?

    Yes, the program allows for a split of an energy grant. Your primary heat vendor (gas/propane/oil/electric) must receive at least 51% of a household heat grant, with no more than 49% going to a secondary vendor (electric).
  9. How is my energy grant calculated?

    Your grant is based on many factors: such as Total household income (for the 3 previous months from the date of application), the Total number of people in the home, housing type and 12 months previous heat usage. The current amount you owe is not used in the calculation of your grant.
  10. What type of documentation do I need to bring with me to the interview?

    Income documentation is required for all adults, 18 years and over and verification of monies received for children under 18 (for the 3 previous months from the date of application). Verification of social security numbers for all persons in the household (including children), residence address, annual heat costs or current heat bill and if in crisis a disconnection notice or emergency statement. Adult household members with no income will be required to sign zero income statement and should come with you to the appointment. Other documentation may be required.
  11. Does heating assistance help with furnace repairs?

    Households that are Owner occupied may qualify for furnace repairs. The heating assistance program can Not help with furnace repairs for rental properties.